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Coming up in 2019: “French May” festival – This year theme will be “Si loin… pourtant si proche” (so far… yet so near)

For the third year, I am proud to display my sculptures as part of the annual French May festival. Two painters will be exhibiting with me: Sophie Tunik, and Monica Hemrajani. Join us from May 17 to 20

Opening cocktail on Friday, May 17, 6-10pm

7, Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Past events:

2018:  “French May” festival – Exposition “REGARDS”

For the second year, I am glad to participate to the French May festival in Hong Kong. I have displayed my work at the VAC, in Central Hong Kong, jointly with the paintings of another French artist.

Many thanks for all of you that visited the event !

About Gaelle:

I have always had the need to create. Create through painting, woodworking, clothes designing, sculpting…

I am from a family of architects, and thus I have long been exposed and attracted to the multiple possibilities of expressing things in three dimensions.

 Although I studied Arts and Communication, I have started my professional life as a school teacher. Transmitting knowledge and guiding children through learning  was a strong motivation and I have enjoyed these teaching years very much.  Throughout these years, I have managed to preserve a part of my time and dedicate it to arts and creation. Nine years ago, I started using clay as a support for sculpting. It has been a voyage, exploring shapes and forms, studying the human body, the shapes of animals, postures and expressions. For the last three years, sculpting has become my main activity.

 The subject of my recent work has been to reflect on the beauty and fragility of life. I would like to make people see this beauty, wherever it is, and feel the need to protect it. In a time where technology is opening incredible avenues for progress, it is a paradox that we have little ability to realize how fragile life is, how precious yet elusive some of our moments can be, and how threatening our development has become to other species, to a point where we might in turn become endangered ourselves … If my work could help people realize this, I would be very happy !

Capture these elusive moments of Life

These elusive, yet very precious moments. A smile on a face, a daydreaming eye, a child playing with a toy… We are often too busy to capture them, yet they are here, for us to observe and capture

Preserve Life

Life is a gift…

We observe it, we wonder about it, we speak about it. Yet, we are also bullying it, pushing it aside, threatening it. Our behaviors, through carelessness and inconsistency, is threatening this very gift of life, driving some species towards an upcoming extinction. It is not any longer a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when”… Until, one day, we may ourselves become the endangered species.  

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